Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Techie Issues With My eReader And HDPVR Solved

As I’m still nursing some sores and nasty bruises from my fall last week, I thought I’d take another day off from working outside.  Besides, it was drizzling rain and I needed another day to recover from the constant motion of our little man’s Easter visit.  Instead, I turned my attention to a couple of nagging little techie problems that had cropped up over the past few days.  One involved my Sony eBook Reader and the other our Shaw Direct HDPVR 630.

For no apparent reason that I can think of my Sony eReader decided it would no longer read any of the 116 books I have stored on it.  Every time I opened a book CNET-YYS1-3349819I got the message “DRM error – protected digital rights management”.  Well, that was no good for sure.  I looked online to see what I could find but all I saw were long, convoluted ideas and solutions. The simplest fix to me seemed to be to take the option to restore my eReader to its Factory Settings so that’s what I did.

After doing the reset I was of course left with no books at all on my eBook.  I buy almost all of my books from Kobobooks so I just signed on to their site, accessed my account and downloaded all of my books again even the few that I had bought from Sony as Kobo bought Sony out not long ago.  Everything worked great and I have all of my books back.

Our Motorola HDPVR all re-formatted and good as new againshaw_direct_hdpvr_630

The HDRPVR problem started a few nights ago while we were watching one of our recorded shows.  All of a sudden the PVR would freeze and the remote buttons wouldn’t work at all.  After a few minutes the PVR would re-boot itself but we found the playback would usually freeze again.  I called Shaw support and they asked if I had our PVR plugged into a power bar.  We did and they said that could cause a problem and asked me to plug it into a wall socket.  OK, then.


Plugging directly into a wall socket was no easy task as we had to move a 7’ tall bookcase out of the way to get at the electrical outlet.  I was doubtful about this solution and having to move the bookcase didn’t help any.  But, we got it done and Sunday night we recorded The Good Wife.  Watching the playback, the PVR froze 10 minutes into the show and did its re-boot again.  I knew it – all that hard work for nothing!  It was late so I decided to call Shaw on Monday morning.


This time I got a tech who had me sign on to the Options screen and then enter some special codes to display the service screen.  From there, he gave me the instructions to reset the PVR to its Factory Settings.  This, of course, wiped out all the recordings we had stored and also the schedules for future recordings.  That was no big deal to re-program and the reset did fix the problem.  We recorded a few shows and they played back perfectly.  We’re all good to go again.


While I was on a roll I thought I’d tackle some photo reorganizing.  As you might guess I had quite a few hundred photos of Mason stored by month from June of 2013 to December 2013 and then another several hundred photos that I’ve taken in 2014.  I created a new  Mason – 2013 album on G+ Photos then uploaded all the 2013 photos stored on my computer.  Then, I did the same for my 2014 photos of Mason and I’ll keep doing that for the rest of this year. 


So, now all of my photos of Mason are safely stored in G+ Photos and if my HD should ever crash it’ll be very easy to simply download any or all of the photos from G+ to my computer.  It’s all free and I don’t have to worry about losing them anymore to a hardware or software malfunction.  Also, all of my photos of Mason stored on G+ are accessible to me, and whoever I choose to share them with, from any computer, tablet or smartphone anywhere in the world.


With my eReader and HDPVR problems resolved and all my 10 months of photos of our little man safely stored in the Google Clouds I was done for the day.  In the afternoon, Paulette and I took Molly and Rylie for a walk along the Cowichan River Estuary then came home to take it easy for the rest of the afternoon.

Have a great Tuesday and thanks again for visiting!

Monday, April 21, 2014

A Wonderful Easter Sunday Morning At Home

Sunday morning was all about the Easter Bunny coming for a visit even though he didn’t need to as we had our own little Easter Bunny all dressed up like a ‘wabbit’!

I’m ready to meet the Easter Bunny whenever he comes, Grandpa!mason_easter1

I’m pretty sure our little man had no idea what was going on when he woke and his Mom brought him down to the kitchen on Sunday morning and told him the Easter Bunny had been here.  Mason was far more interested in watching Rylie run around the kitchen all excited because…..well, because everyone else was all excited.  At just 10 months it was just another day of growing up for our little guy.  That didn’t stop all of us from letting him know it was a pretty exciting day though!


Quite correctly, Carrie has not yet introduced Mason to chocolate, candies or any of those other sweet delights we all seem to love.  There will be plenty of time for him to enjoy those when he’s just a little bit older.  Right now, he seems quite happy with the yams, peas, carrots and chicken etc. that his Mom blends for his daily meals.  Mason’s a healthy eater and seems to love everything.  I’ve asked Carrie to blend up some Brussel Sprouts to see if he’ll eat those!!


After breakfast we took Mason into our living room and got down on the floor with him so he could crawl around on the carpet.  He loved that especially when his Grammy, and me, on our hands and knees, would chase him pretending to be a T-Rex.  Mason sure loved that but I think his Grammy and Grandpa will have very sore knees for a few days.


All too soon, it was time for Carrie and Mason to head home back down to Victoria as they were going to a girl-friend of Carrie’s for an Easter Egg Hunt.  With that, we began the hunt around our house looking for all the stuff our little man might have left.  We found a few little socks, some blocks and other toys but hopefully we got everything important into his bags to take home. 

Mason’s sad face – does this mean I have to go home now, Grandpa?IMG_2046

We bundled up all of Mason’s belongings including his stroller and took them out to the car.  Then, it was time to say goodbye to our little man until the next time we visit down in Victoria.  He seemed to know that getting his jacket and shoes on meant he was leaving and I, for one, was just as sad to see him go.  What a very busy but enormously fun 24 hours we had with Mason sleeping over.  After his Grammy and Grandpa fully recover, we’ll be ready to do it again!!

Happy Easter, Mason!mason_easter6

Have a great Monday and thanks again for visiting!

Sunday, April 20, 2014

A Little Man Sleepover Before The Easter Bunny

As I sat down in front of my computer Saturday evening to write this post I was totally exhausted.  It wasn’t from work that’s for sure as I didn’t do a stitch of that all day.  Instead, Carrie and Mason arrived at 10am and with the exception of a 2 hour afternoon nap our little man has kept us busy all day.  He’s a real going concern now, crawling all over and curious about anything and everything within his reach!  It was a wonderfully, fun day but, man, he just wore me out!.


I’d forgotten just how much energy a 10 month old baby has.  Mason was on the move every chance he got.  Once in a while, I could corner him and get him to play blocks but other than that he was just a little explorer on the move.  He’s quite taken with Molly and Rylie too and watches them as they move around the house.  I’m not sure Mason quite know what to make of the pups.


After our little man finished up his lunch around noon, Carrie decided to take him upstairs for his afternoon nap.  That was also a good time for Grandpa and his Grammy to catch our breath and get a few winks in to. 


Mason brought up a beautiful Birthday Cake for his Grammy!  It was made by a local bakery very close to where Carrie lives.  This has not been a good weekend for weight-watching but what the heck, it’s Paulette’s birthday and we have to celebrate a little bit, right?  The cake was absolutely as good as it looked.

We took Mason for a swing at the park at the end of our street mason04192

After dinner last night, everyone got settled into their jammies including Mason, and I downloaded the movie Philomena.  I’m not a big Judi Dench fan usually but this was a good movie based on a true story. After the movie, everyone went to bed early to await the arrival of the Easter Bunny!

Have a great Sunday and thanks again for visiting!